Share our story with your friends, your neighbors, your fellow workers. The more people who understand our story the greater the impact within our community.

To learn about our story, visit our Learn page on this site.


Funds to ensure the sustainability of the shelter over time.  Visit our Donate page on this website.


One of our annual fundraising events like our Date Night with a Purpose Gala.  We also participate in several local partnership fundraisers with community businesses.

Help or Volunteer

With a building project at the Shelter.  Contact us if your group or community organization would like to complete a project for us like painting, raking, or other household work.

If you would like to volunteer, click here.

Check the volunteer schedule, click here.


To your company about a matching gift.  Tell your friends about Shelter from the Storm Ministries and follow us on social media.


Pray for our Clients:  Pray that God would show our clients their purpose and their gifts and that He would reveal them.

Pray for our Case Managers:  Pray that God would give our Case Managers wisdom, insight and understanding.  Pray for God’s protection.

Pray for our Staff:  Pray that God would strengthen our staff and that He would continue to refresh their souls.


Pray for our Volunteers:  Pray that God would fill them with joy as they serve.

Pray for our Board Members:  Pray that God would give our Board Members wisdom and direction in all areas of the ministry.

You can help...