Angel’s Story…

One person like you or one family like yours can provide life-changing help and hope for one homeless mom and her kids. Will you join us?


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Photo of mother and her children

Transforming Lives in Our Community

with Shelter, Support and Hope.


We are a 501(c)(3) organization in 
Sun Prairie dedicated
to serving the needs 
of single homeless
families in 
our community.

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Help us transform
the lives of families
in need with your
generous donations
of your money,
your time, your talent
or your services.

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Volunteer your time,
talents and prayers
in service to those
we serve. Share our
story with fellow
workers and other
community members.

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Shelter from the Storm Ministries has helped me rebuild my life 
and get back some of the things I had lost. Some of those 
include my soul and my faith in God.