Sun Prairie-based Shelter from the Storm Ministries (SFTSM) is now energy-efficient, thanks to the assistance of Project Home. SFTSM contacted Project Home to see how they could improve the SFTSM building and help reduce its utility bills.

Project Home is a non-profit organization that provides weatherization, home repairs, and home rehabilitation for low-to-moderate-income residents in Dane and Green County.

Initially, Project Home’s energy efficiency experts thought the Weatherization Assistance Program would be the best option, but SFTSM was unsure if it would be eligible for the service. Typically, the Weatherization Program assists residents who receive Energy Bill Pay Assistance and live-in owner-occupied homes or rental buildings. The unique situation with SFTSM residents is they are transitioning from homelessness and do not have energy bills.

Typically, Project Home would not have identified the SFTSM building as a candidate for the Weatherization Program. Luckily, SFTSM discovered a rarely used option for Temporary Shelters. That option allows a full examination and scope of work under the program’s parameters and only requires a 15% contribution from the building owner (in this case, SFTSM).

In July, Project Home performed an Energy Assessment and determined that sealing the attic air leaks and adding insulation to the attic would be essential and cost-effective energy improvements. In September, SFTSM completed the work and installed bathroom fan timers to control moisture.

Project Home made the organization’s building more energy-efficient and sustainable.

Also, with lower utility bills, SFTSM will have more resources to dedicate to its mission.

Those involved included Phillip Downs, who conducted the Energy Assessment, and Adam Weisse, who completed the final inspection. Most importantly, those involved with the installation work were Denis Bollinger, Taylor Gregorich, Dave Pressor, Aaron Koppes, and Chad Gambetti.

-Sun Prairie Star, October 25, 2020